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The site and cabin work well for around 150 people, assuming people are also outside or using a marquee. 

Use of a marquee can increase capacity and give a variety of options for poor weather days. (We have 8 approved marquee suppliers).

Please note, if you wish to view the site, you are welcome to walk up and see for yourselves.

After removing the protective outside shutters, the views from inside the Log Cabin are spectacular

There can be about 40 people seated at tables, and double that standing around inside or seated in rows; the tables are just  the picnic style with benches attached, also some stackable plastic chairs. They can go outside to free up the cabin space which is 5m x 8m excluding the small kitchen and toilet. 

A wheelchair could pass through the doors and there are no steps, but the grassy areas are uneven in places.

There is fresh cold running water. There is one toilet in the cabin, and a set of toilets with simple showers (ladies and gents) on the site which we call the “Log Loos”.  

A  small barbecue is supplied, but not charcoal. 

There is no electricity, so if required  for a marquee or lights and hot water in the Log Loos, a generator must be hired.

There is a gas cooker and lots of firewood, for the big open fire in the cabin, so a great time can be had without many extras. An outside campfire area is also there to use unless very windy.


When hiring the site you get keys to the gates and the private carpark (situated close to the cabin). Mini buses can reach this area and turn easily for delivery and collection of guests. There is lots of room for parking cars or vans, and camping in the grassy areas at the sides of the site near the surrounding trees.

If you hire the site your friends can camp for free. It can be beautifully sheltered there,  even if there is a wind blowing.  No problem with well behaved dogs. Paths lead down through the trees to the beach, but our great view comes from being high above the sand and waves, with the beautiful Bass Rock in the distance.


A 20% deposit is required on booking and the balance a month before the date.


We have a separate PDFs for many of the questions you will need answered, if you need more information or want to make a reservation.


Please note: bookings are from noon start day – noon 2 or more days later. Single day (or weekday) bookings are only acceptable within 1 month of the date.

- Mon, Tues or Wed: £700
- Thurs: £800
- 2 day weekend: £2700
- 3 day weekend: £3000 (extensions to a 3 day weekend: £300 / day)

Onsite toilets
For groups above 20 people, please add £600 per hiring.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with the following box if you have a question not answered, or if you wish to book.

You can send us any questions not answered above, here:

Thank you.

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